Thursday, 7 July 2011

Half way through International Induction week

I have spent the last couple of days attending various briefing sessions.  Welcome to Australia was a hoot, with the lecturer, Jim, giving an excellent demonstration of Waltzing Matilda, and explaining what it meant - it is about a wandering unemployed man who steals a sheep, is caught, and ends up commiting suicide by drowning rather than being arrested!  We had an eye opening security lecture - Curtin appears to be very safe to me, but after 7pm the buses in the area are followed by security staff, and you can ask the local bus to set you down at the nearest point to your home, rather than getting off at the normal stop.  We were encouraged not to sit waiting for long periods at bus stops, but to wait in a building on campus and go to the stop just before the bus is due.  Perhaps the buses are more reliable than I am used to!  Also on campus, you are encouraged to request Security to escort you from your building to the accommodation block or bus stop after dark.  This would never happen in London, and I think we have a much higher crime rate.  We also were encouraged to think about things we found unusual in Australia - things like having trees and sculpture in the middle of the road (traffic calming) and alcohol being openly sold in shops (unusual to students from muslim countries).

This afternoon, after lectures finish, I am going back with Cali and Jodie, to investigate the swimming club opposite where they live. This would be 2 buses to get back to my place, but I think it is achievable.  Apparently the masters club swim Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.  I'd certainly like to get back to swimming twice a week.

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