Monday, 18 July 2011

IT Irritations

This weekend Jim got stuck into sorting out wifi access for us at Salter Point.  I had already worked out that it will be expensive to rejoin the broadband access used by previous tenants.  I can use Curtin facilities, but Jim will be at the flat a lot of his own, so we need access there.  So Jim, having had extensive discussions on his 3 day train journey with other passengers, suggested we get a mobile wifi device.  I did not even know they existed.  So we went to Dick Smith, an IT shop, and ended up buying a vivifi device (that looks like a bar of soap!) that will create a little wifi hotspot for us to access.  All well and good until we got it home, unpacked and charged ... and still could not get wifi.  On ringing the helpline, it turns out Salter Point has some areas of non reception - and we are in one!  We walked up Salter Point, and discovered 5 doors up has perfect reception!  So rather than take it back for a refund immediately, Jim is going to go to the local cafe and see if it works there, so at least during the day he can take himself off for a cup of tea and spend an hour on the computer then.  What a nuisance!

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