Thursday, 21 July 2011

Public Issues, Private Lives

This was my first session in the above class.  We were shown a film about Martin Geurre, an man who went away to war and returned years later to his family, and there is a big debate about whether he really is the man he says he is.  He is accepted until he requests the profits from his land during his absence, then the questions start.  We were asked to debate portrayal of what is deemed to be public and private and how this impacts on all parties.  What interested me is who was prepared to lie, what roles were deemed acceptable for which people and when the question of actual identity started to be raised - ie over money and property.  I found the film quite dreary but the debate afterwards was really interesting.  It had some interesting applications to what I have seen in my own life. 

This is a typical Australian winter - bright days but with heavy rain at times.  There was a tremendous downpour during class, but it only drizzled on the way home, and Jim did not get too wet coming to meet me at the bus stop.  Jim is back in his old habits - meeting me on my way home.  I managed to cross the world, find accommodation, find my way around in a strange area on the bus in the dark, but now he's here, he thinks it is his role to meet me at the bus stop, even if it is raining.  No wonder we are love's young dream!

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