Tuesday, 26 July 2011

I think I'm going to need to raise my game.

I've been looking at my Unit Outlines and don't know whether to feel scared or pleased.  Every module seems to have about 4 different assessments that take place at different points during the semester.  It is much more clearly defined than I am used to at Herts and the workload seems much higher. 

So, just looking at just looking at one module, Visual Inquiry - Reconsidering Traditions and Concepts, work in progress assessment only, we are expected to:

experiment with traditional ideas to produce new outcomes;
visualise ideas through thinking, drawing and research into concepts and ideas;
reflect on and respond to critical discussion about our outcomes; and
articulate a meaningful context for contemporary visual language through selective research. 

To pass the unit, I need to present all required work; complete all home research projects; pass core assessments; and attend and present my work on time for formal assessments and exams. 

I need to demonstrate Quality, Quantity, and Development of ideas.  Evidence of testing ideas in various ways; relevant documentation of testing; critical engagement; innovation; interest in idea.  And, quality and quantity of research of relevant artists and thematic research.  This is only one assessment!

We have:

work in progress assessment on 29 August - Value 25% (core assessment)
Written outcome assessment on 19 September - value 20%
Self directed research project on 31 October - Value 45% (core assessment)
Ongoing Assessment on 31 October - Value 20%

So positives are that I know when I am being assessed and what for, and the criteria are clearly listed on the course outline. 

What is making me uncomfortable is the stated expectation of volume of work (compared to my experience at Herts) and the fact that I misunderstood the requirements of the work that I submitted yesterday and the tutor was distinctly under-impressed.  Another factor is that I have this volume of work for 4 modules, and I'm only used to studying for two. 

But think positive - I decided to study abroad because I wanted a different experience.  I'm certainly getting that.  And I'm certainly getting my money's worth in workload!

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