Tuesday, 12 July 2011

There are not many photos here so far

There is a reason for the lack of photos.  My camera battery is out of charge.  I'm having a few problems recharging it.  My camera battery charger is a chunky, heavy charger, with a UK plug fitting extending from the rear of it - about 3"tall by 2"wide by 1.5" deep - ie taller than a normal UK plug.  I bought an Aussie adaptor - but the UK fitting is on the top of the adaptor, so my charger won't fit (unless I dig a hole in the wall above the plug socket!).  So I've found a Aussie to Europe adaptor, put that into the plug socket, then inserted a Europe to UK adaptor, and then the charger into that.  But the consequential problem is that the weight of the charger puts strain on each connection, and the whole set loses a connection somewhere and it is still not charging.  And to add to the problem, I've managed to get the Europe adaptor stuck onto the charger!  So I have no charge in my camera battery.  I think I will wait until Jim gets here, and see whether he can solve the problem, or at least get the Europe adaptor and charger apart. 

Until then, there will be no photos added to my blog!

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