Saturday, 9 July 2011

The postcard project is going well

I've just had an e-mail from my friend Lisa, co-collaborator on the Postcard Project.  Lisa says both she and her son look forward to the post arriving to see what comes next in the series.  Ernest is a teenage musician - young, cool and trendy.  I have to say I am delighted and flattered that someone young and cool is interested in my drawings.  Lisa also said her post lady enjoys them too.  There is something really exciting about sending and receiving hand drawn things through the postage system.  It is quite different to e-mail.  It also makes me look much more carefully at ordinary things around me.  I've not yet received any from Lisa yet, but I had find somewhere to live, before she could post hers. 

At then end of my exchange year, I might suggest to Lisa, then Herts Uni, that we put together an art display to show both our postcard sets and see what response it gets in the UK, and whether it inspires more people to take the international option, or to do a postcard project. 

This morning I was on the bus, and saw two pelicans standing on a streetlamp on the riverside in Perth.  Just how strong must the lampposts be?  The lampposts were very tall, with an arm at the top, c2m long finishing with a very large bulbous area for the light.  Much bigger than I have seen in the UK.  And 2 huge pelicans were snuggled up together, surveying the river. 

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