Monday, 18 July 2011

A Sunday trip around Perth

Yesterday Jim and I decided to have a day out on the bus.  There is a route that does a 3 hour tour around the Perth area.  It is a bit like the Circle Line on London Underground, or a small version of the M25 route around London.  The route includes going past Curtin University and Fremantle (on the waterfront), and the whole route takes about 3 hours.  We had a bit of a walk to where we picked up the route (because my 30 bus does not run all the way to the university at the weekend), and it took about an hour to get to Fremantle. 

Fremantle appears to be an upmarket Perth day trip equivalent to Southend in relation to London.  Fremantle is a bustling coastal town, not far from Perth City Centre.  Jim and I spent a happy hour or so wandering around the Fremantle Markets - an undercover area with food and various commodity stalls.   Jim liked the way the fruit stalls had cut up various fruits so you could try before bought.  We found a fantastic bread stall and bought some wonderful sourdough bread.  Jim is increasingly disliking commercial white bread, and this sourdough was heavy, substantial and solid. Just the sort of thing a serious athlete likes.  You really know you've eaten it. 

Having had lunch, we got back on the bus (half hour service) and went around the Perth suburbs to the north.   We noticed that there are a far higher proportion of single storey dwellings than in Britain, and that the roofs had a much shallower pitch than in the UK.  We are not sure why this it - perhaps with a higher rainfall, the UK has a steeper pitch to drain water faster, or maybe it is related to the amount of air insulation in a steep pitch roof, or surface area to volume ratio?  The second part of the journey took a couple of hours and although the areas we went through varied in appearance, none of it appeared as rundown and deprived as some of the areas in which Jim and I have lived and worked.

When we got back to the original bus stop, we had a hour's walk back to Salter Point so got back feeling we had had extended time on our feet.  Jim is rebalancing his walking muscles, having spent 10 weeks cycling.

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