Monday, 25 July 2011

Not such a good day, today.

I spent the morning finishing off my A1 pattern of knots and went off to class.  We all had to put our work on the wall for display and discussion.  Most other people had done much smaller drawings than me, and we had extended discussion of what they had drawn.  When it came to mine (as usual very different to everyone else's) the tutor asked why I had drawn the way I had - which because I missed the first class, I had done because she had said "draw knot patterns with depth, scale and variation".  Then she asked whether I had done much observational drawing, as this was what was required.  I have done observational drawing, but when she gave me the instructions, this was not what she said.  So I felt a bit woeful. 

Then we had a session on analysis of some obscure reading which I found really difficult.  Next time, I will make notes about my views, and take them with me to class.  It was about pattern in domesticity, that referred to Penelope and her weaving; Freud, and Sleeping Beauty!  And the points the article was trying to make was that pattern is found in visual images, movement and thought processes.  But all dressed up in a fancy, obsure manner. 

The final part of the session was setting the "imaginative drawing" exercise.  You create your own list of 20 objects, are given another 6 objects by the tutor, and pick a word at random from a dictionary.  You use your random word to influence how you draw every object, and all the objects need to be drawn together to make a pattern.  My random word is "mooring"..  Depending on how I get on, I might put a photo of the finished drawing on the blog tomorrow. 

I was really glad to get home, have dinner with Jim, look at my postcards from Lisa, and use the computer in the warmth of our own home.

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