Thursday, 28 July 2011

Pattern and meaning class, followed by IT irritations

Jim and I set off to class this morning, and noticed that the overnight rain had raised the level of the river, so that brackish water was flooding the grass beside Salter Point Parade.  On the news last night it said the recent rain was expected to increase the distance between high water level and low water level - to 70cm between the two!  I think this is a lot less than in the UK, and is certainly a lot smaller than where we used to live in Grays on the Thames.  Within a couple of minutes of me photographing Jim on the front, it was throwing it down with rain, and I was soaked all morning in class.

The river has flooded beyond the normal tideline

I had a lovely time in the pattern & meaning class.  I had prepared my silkscreen, so was all ready to go when class started.  We were using devore and discharge techniques today.  I tried out 3 different discharge samples, on green, red and blue fabric.  Each fabric discharged its colour in a different way, and they were all quite successful.  My two devore samples were more variable.  These fabrics were denim with a spandex content, and a white cotton with a spandex content.  Photos show all 5 samples while still wet. 

As you can see, the blue fabric discharged to yellow, the green discharged to pale grey, and the red to pink.  The white and denim fabrics have nearly fallen apart because the design isolates some areas. 
I am still astonished by some of the prices of the food.  Since I've been here I've only eaten two packets of chocolate - an ordinary pack of M&Ms is $2 (about £1.30, UK price about 70p), and a packet of crisps - 45g - was $2.40 (about £1.60, UK price about £1).  It will certainly restrict how much junk food I eat. 

When I got home, I went online to print some homework reading, to prepare for a written assignment.  When I switched on the computer, it asked for a 25 digit product code, which I've never had, and as usual I clicked "proceed".  This time it has restricted functionality on the computer, and Word does not work at all.  Then I tried to print the homework and it won't send printing to the printer.  Neither Jim nor I can work out the problem: we don't have the code number and there are no automatic instructions to sort it out.  I have a nasty feeling this is going to be an expensive problem to fix.  So Jim and I might end up with another trip to an IT shop which always ends up with some serious expenditure.  At least Jim and I have funds available, but I feel really sorry for younger exchange students living on a government loan when this type of things happens. 

So I can't do my artist research, can't do my written homework, and now feel too tense and upset to be creative for my art homework.  Let's see what transpires in the morning.

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