Monday, 18 July 2011

A new take on plagiarism

I'd not come across self plagarism before.  But it was mentioned in class today.  Apparently this is where you resubmit your own work for assessment, when you have already used it for a previous assignment.  On the face of it, this sounds perfectly reasonable. 

But in the textiles arena, if you have made some fabric, eg print, during a print assignment, apparently you are not allowed to use it again for another assessment.  So this makes it sound as if you need to create new fabric if you subsequently want to use the fabric to create an object.  I think I would come unstuck here.  I have deliberately created large quantities of samples, which have been part of an assessment, with the intention of using them later on to make textile objects.  I've not done this so for a later assessment, but could easily have done so.

Apparently last year a fashion student was caught out when she used fabric she had used for a print assessment, to make some of her final degree show.  This was described as "a very grey area".  I'd like it to be very clear what is within the rules, and what is not!

Received first postcards from Lisa today.  Postcards 1-5 have not yet arrived, but 6-10 came all together.  Lisa said the birds were about talking/listening/communicating.  My interpretation was that they represented me and Jim, billing and cooing now we are reunited!

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