Wednesday, 20 July 2011

History of Art & Design

I started the History of Art & Design class yesterday.  It was an hour long lecture and I really enjoyed it.  The lecturer started by discussing key features of greek art and design, which challenged some western concepts of acceptable art and then linked the themes raised to examples of art by modern artists.  The recommended book is a heavy tome which costs $120, so I chose to borrow it from the library.  It was like carrying a concrete block in my rucksack.  As I walked across the campus after dark at 630pm, it occurred to me that if anyone tried to mug me, I could fell them with one swing of my rucksack.  I've heard of handbags feeling as if they contained a brick, but my rucksack felt more like a large sandbag!

Spent some time drawing a pomegranate from the tree outside out flat.  I'm really starting to enjoy drawing with the inktense pencils.

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